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Sunday School

Adult Sunday School Offerings--FALL 2017 

A Long, Long Walk Into Darkness: The Message of Job (Brad Hansen & Paul Kurtzweil)

“Where is God when life falls apart? Why am I so alone? Where can I find true friends when life hurts? How can I stand with those who suffer?

These and many more questions are raised by this one-of-a-kind book of the Bible. The Book of Job invites us to walk through darkness along with its protagonist, Job, a man who is blameless and upright. Join Brad Hansen and Paul Kurtzweil as we study a long book on the tough topic of suffering.”

The Path of a Peacemaker (Jeff Flora)

This 12-session course on resolving everyday conflict will help you understand the nature of the conflict. There are lots of opportunities for conflict to arise in life, but in general, conflict follows a recognizable pattern. In particular, you will learn to recognize the role of your own desires as the gasoline that makes conflict turn into a destructive inferno. Also, you will see that the Bible paints a different picture of relationships;  one of unity and love. In the final two sessions, we will apply peacemaking to marriage and parenting.

Taking Care of Business:  The Gospel & Work

Whether you work in an office building or stay at home with the kids, God has called you to be productive with the life He has given you. So much has been written about productivity from a secular point of view, but what exactly does being productive mean from a Christian perspective? This course will discuss the spiritual principles behind God-centered productivity and provide practical tools to help you be more productive. Whether you spend more time with spreadsheets or in carpool lines we hope this class will be beneficial in your quest to glorify God in the purposeful calling he has placed in your life.

New Members Class

Taught by Pastors George Granberry and Gary Goodrich.This 6-week class is for those who desire to know more about Heartland Community Church, who we are and what we believe. It is open to all, regardless of whether you wish to become a member, but it is required for those who desire to seek membership. All ages high school and up are invited to attend this class, which will be meeting in the library.

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