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Sunday School


Fall 2018 Adult Sunday School Classes

 Our new Sunday school semester begins September 9th at 9 a.m. We will have exciting and Biblically rich classes available for our children. Adults will have the opportunity to pick between four classes this semester (please see below). We look forward to studying God's Word together and seeing how the Holy Spirit changes our lives through His Word: 

 Navigating Finances God's Way - taught by Bryan Hanning - Room 3D

Have you ever wondered what the Bible says about finances and stewardship? Have you ever wondered "how am I or we doing with taking a biblical worldview to our finances?" Come and join us as we explore God's word and provide practical ways to live out our faith through the management of God's resources.  We will be using a video series and workbook from Howard Dayton founder of Crown Financial, along with guest appearances from experts on planning, risk management, and investments.  If you believe God owns it all then come and find out what He wants you and me to do with it! 

 James: The Proverbs of The New Testament - taught by Jeff Flora - Room 2E

On the one hand James is probably the most quoted book in the Bible: "Every good and perfect gift comes from above." On the other hand James is full of passages that have left Christians scratching their heads: Does James have it in for rich people?  What is the point of anointing a sick person with oil?  Is James disagreeing with Paul about the relationship between faith, works, and salvation? In this class, we will not become Biblical scholars on James but we will certainly have fun in the attempt.

 Covenant Theology - taught by Chad Montgomery & Richard Brueck - Library (6 week class)

Understanding covenant theology makes all the difference in the world as we seek to understand who our God is, how He relates to us and how we are to interpret His Word to us. It's like going from watching a silent film in the black and white to watching the same film in full color with surround sound in 3D. Reading God's Word with a firm grasp of His covenant causes the Biblical text and God's relationship with us to bloom in it's full richness, depth and beauty. Come learn with us about God's Covenant and how it applies to you.

 Church History - taught by Colin Kelly - Library (this class follows Covenant Theology)

God's ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not ours. It's in studying history that we often see how God is moving and working in history to bring about His will. It's in studying the churches history that we not only learn from our past mistakes but we see God's faithfulness to His Church in the midst of our failures. Come and see how God is building His church, how He has remained faithful to His church and how the modern church can learn from our past to help us navigate the future. 

 New Members Class - taught by Rev. George Granberry - Room 5C (6 week class)

If you are new to Heartland and want to find out more about the church this is the class for you. You will have an opportunity to interact with our senior minister while learning about the theology that undergirds and drives what our church believes and does. This class is the first step in process to becoming a member of Heartland. We look forward to getting to know you better.